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Spring & Spring is a Massachusetts criminal defense litigation firm serving Middlesex County and surrounding counties of Eastern Massachusetts. Attorney Chris Spring represents criminal defendants at every stage of the case, from preliminary investigations and arrest through motions, hearings, and jury trials. See Success Stories to review some of the firm’s recent criminal cases and the favorable outcomes the firm achieved on behalf of clients.

Attorney Chris Spring is a former Middlesex County assistant district attorney. During his years in the District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Spring prosecuted criminal defendants in district and superior courts for offenses ranging from minor misdemeanors to major felonies. Since founding Spring & Spring, Attorney Spring has dedicated his career to defending individuals charged with crimes.

Criminal Defense by a Former Prosecutor

Since leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Attorney Spring has defended hundreds of criminal defendants in district and superior courts across Massachusetts. In addition to representing criminal defendants charged with new crimes, Attorney Spring represents individuals charged with violating conditions of probation and parole. He has litigated cases involving the following crimes:

Attorney Spring meticulously prepares for every case to go to trial. He will aggressively protect your rights and navigate you through the criminal justice system to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorney Spring has tried more than 150 cases in front of Massachusetts juries and he has represented more than a thousand criminal defendants in his career. He has the experience to provide you with the aggressive defense you deserve.

You should not speak to the police without first consulting a criminal defense lawyer. Contact Attorney Spring to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Spring will travel to your home, at no charge or obligation, to answer your questions and assess the strength of the Commonwealth’s case against you.

Client Reviews
I hit a guy on a bike after I took Oxycontin that was prescribed by a doctor. We went to trial and I was found not guilty of operating under the influence of drugs. Because of Chris I was able to get my license back right away. Grace
The police beat me up and charged me with resisting arrest. I have a long criminal record. Mr. Spring took me to trial and the jury found me not guilty. Mr. Spring showed the cops were lying. Christian
I had a fender bender with a cop car during bad weather and the police charged me with negligent driving. Chris was my lawyer and I was found not guilty by the jury. Dylan
The cops said I tried to hit them with my car. Chris got a surveillance video that showed they were lying. The jury said I was not guilty. John
I was stopped for a DWI and I failed all the field tests. Chris explained to the jury why I failed the field tests and I was found not guilty. Justin