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Concord Sex Offenses Defense Attorney

Sex crime accusations represent a triple threat. A conviction may carry mandatory time in prison. The felony record itself has long-term consequences. And there is the burden and the stigma of registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life. The most serious sex offenders serve years in prison but are never released – following their prison sentence, they are “civilly committed” as sexually dangerous persons at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for the rest of their lives. If you have been accused of sex crimes it is important to speak with a Concord sex offense defense lawyer. Call Attorney Chris Spring today at (617) 513-9444.

Attorney Spring understands what is at stake for clients charged with sex offenses. In many cases pleading guilty, even to a lesser charge, is out of the question because of the devastating collateral consequences. Attorney Spring has successfully defended individuals charged with raping children, committing lewd and lascivious acts, and possessing child pornography.

Suspected of a Sex Crime? Talk to a Concord Defense Lawyer Immediately

If you have been arrested or believe you are under investigation for sex offenses, do not talk to investigators before you consult with a Middlesex County sex offenses attorney. Contact Attorney Chris Spring today to schedule a free consultation at your home. Attorney Spring represents clients in every city and town in Middlesex, Essex, Worcester, Suffolk, and Norfolk Counties.

A Former Prosecutor Who Aggressively Challenges the Evidence

Before dedicating his career to representing people charged with crimes, Chris Spring served as an assistant district attorney in Middlesex County. He spent years prosecuting these types of cases, and he now uses that experience to aggressively defend his clients charged with sex offenses. Attorney Spring is familiar with every type of sex offense and the life-changing penalties that his clients potentially face:

  • Rape — Engaging in natural or unnatural intercourse against the victim’s will by force or threat of bodily harm. The presumptive punishment includes sex offender registration and up to life in prison if aggravating factors are present.
  • Assault with intent to rape — A conviction for attempted rape results in likely prison time and registration as a sex offender.
  • Statutory rape — Also known as rape and abuse of a child, statutory rape defines natural or unnatural intercourse with a child under the age of 16. Depending on the age of the child, the age of the accused and other factors, a conviction can result in life in prison or indefinite incarceration in a treatment center as a sexually dangerous person.
  • Indecent assault and battery — This offense refers to unwanted sexual touching without intercourse. The penalties are harsher if the alleged victim is a child. The crime is punishable by prison and sex offender registration.
  • Open and gross lewd and lascivious behavior — This crime refers to publicly exposing one’s genitals, buttocks or breasts to others with the intention to alarm or shock. Punishment can include state prison time and, on a second offense, registration as a sex offender.
  • Indecent exposure — This crime is defined as exposing one’s private parts in a way that is offensive to at least one person. It is usually punished by a fine and/or a short jail sentence, and is not considered a sex offender crime.
  • Distribution or possession of child pornography — Knowingly purchasing, possessing or distributing sexual images of children can lead to a state prison sentence and sex offender registration.

The Other Side of the Story

Attorney Spring knows there is usually more to the alleged victim’s story, especially when the alleged victim and the accused know each other or when the allegations are being made by children. Was the sex consensual? Was there a dating relationship? Were alcohol or drugs involved? Did the alleged acts even occur? Does the alleged victim or the alleged victim’s parent have a motive to fabricate accusations?

Contact a Concord Sex Offense Defense Attorney

Concord criminal defense attorney Chris Spring will sometimes negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges to a lesser offense that eliminates the possibility of prison time or sex offender registration. However, he always examines the case with the goal of getting charges dismissed entirely. Otherwise, Attorney Spring will prepare to take your case to trial. He has successfully defended every type of sex offense.