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Dracut OUI Defense Lawyer

If you get arrested for allegedly operating under the influence (OUI) in Dracut, Massachusetts, you could be facing life-altering penalties. It is important to contact an OUI defense lawyer at Spring & Spring for legal representation and assistance in this situation. We can walk you through the criminal justice process while aggressively defending your rights. Request a free case consultation today.

Why Choose Our Dracut DUI Lawyers?

  • Our owner, Attorney Chris Spring, is a former assistant district attorney. Now, as a Dracut criminal defense lawyer, he uses his experience working for the other side to benefit his clients.
  • We have successfully defended clients in many OUI cases, including operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident, and vehicular homicide.
  • Our Dracut OUI defense attorneys will put you first and dedicate individualized attention to your case. You will communicate often with your lawyer about case status and won’t be left in the dark.

How an OUI Defense Lawyer in Dracut Can Help

An OUI or driving under the influence (DUI) defense lawyer in Dracut can provide valuable legal advice and assistance if you are charged with this crime. Your attorney will have legal knowledge and expertise on Massachusetts’ OUI laws to develop a deep understanding of your case. This includes determining the best possible defense for your specific circumstances. Your lawyer may file motions to dismiss the case, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf for a plea bargain or take your OUI case to trial, if necessary, to minimize the penalties you face.

What Are the Elements of an OUI Conviction?

Mass. General Laws c.90 § 24 defines driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor as anyone who “operates a motor vehicle with a percentage, by weight, of alcohol in their blood of eight one-hundredths or greater, or while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, or of marijuana, narcotic drugs, depressants or stimulant substances…or while under the influence from smelling or inhaling the fumes of any substance having the property of releasing toxic vapors.”

Proving someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of operating under the influence requires evidence that the individual was operating a motor vehicle on a public road, that the individual was in actual physical control of the vehicle and that the individual had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level that exceeded the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Note that this percentage is lower (0.04 percent) for commercial drivers and drivers under the age of 21 (0.02 percent).

Potential DUI/OUI Defenses

At Spring & Spring, we can present defenses that inhibit the prosecution’s ability to prove the elements of OUI, such as arguing against the accuracy of breath or blood tests and challenging the legality of the traffic stop. If you engaged in a field sobriety test prior to your arrest, we can present a reasonable explanation for its negative results, such as medical condition or biased administration.

About the Lowell District Court

If you get arrested for an OUI or DUI in Dracut, the court where your hearings will take place is the Lowell District Court, located at 370 Jackson St., Lowell, MA 01852. You can reach this court by phone at (978) 459-4101 or by fax at (978) 937-2486. The Lowell District Court Clerk can also be reached by email at cmlowelldc@jud.state.ma.us. The courthouse’s business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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If you or a loved one is facing charges for operating under the influence in Dracut, do not hesitate to contact Spring & Spring for a free and confidential case review. We can immediately start protecting your legal rights as a DUI/OUI defendant. Call us at (617) 513-9444 or contact us online today to learn more.