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Framingham Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

A drug conviction can negatively affect the rest of your life, making it difficult to secure housing, employment, or even health insurance.  Before allowing drug crimes charges to overwhelm and frighten you, call an experienced Framingham drug crime lawyer, like Attorney Chris Spring. Contact Attorney Spring at (617) 513-9444.

Attorney Spring is an experienced drug crimes attorney who:

  • Practices criminal law in both superior and district courts in Massachusetts;
  • Has a successful track record defending clients in all types of drug crimes cases; and
  • Has twenty years of criminal law experience.

Call Attorney Spring at Spring & Spring today to discuss your drug crime charges.  He is available to clients nights, weekends, and holidays, and his fees are clear and understandable.  Your first appointment is confidential and at no cost to you.

How a Framingham Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Can Help You

A Framingham criminal defense attorney, like Attorney Chris Spring, puts his knowledge, skills, and prior experience to work for you.  As a former prosecutor and a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Attorney Spring knows how to communicate with law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges.

When you retain Attorney Spring, he will do the following on your behalf:

  • Appear with you or in your place at court hearings;
  • Provide you with answers to tough questions about your case;
  • Give you examples of outcomes from past cases;
  • Explain the criminal process to you and what to expect at hearings;
  • Thoroughly investigate your case for weaknesses;
  • Offer you an educated, confidential, and honest opinion;
  • Develop the best strategy for your situation;
  • Obtain the most favorable outcome in your case; and, if necessary,
  • Try your case in front of a jury.

Calling Attorney Chris Spring is a positive first step in defending your future well-being.  He will aggressively fight for you regardless of your drug crime charges.  Contact Attorney Spring at his defense firm now.

Drug Crimes in Framingham, MA

There are many types of drug crimes in Massachusetts, and the Commonwealth is tough on drugs.  While marijuana possession is generally a civil infraction or misdemeanor offense, most other drug crimes are felony offenses.  There are mandatory minimum sentences for repeat drug dealing offenders.

Some of the most commonly charged drug crimes in Massachusetts include:

  • Drug possession;
  • Possession with intent to distribute;
  • Distribution of drugs; and
  • Drug trafficking.

The critical difference between drug distribution and drug trafficking is the quantity of drugs on hand.  Massachusetts has a schedule of drugs and amounts used by the Commonwealth to determine drug trafficking.

Determining whether a case is a straight possession case or a possession with intent to distribute case hinges on the defendant’s intent.  While a defendant’s attorney may argue his client intended to use any recovered drugs for personal use, the prosecutor will use a drug detective to testify at the defendant’s trial, and the detective will likely testify that the defendant intended to sell the seized drugs.

Evidence in Drug Crimes Cases

A drug detective will offer his expert opinion on the evidence to try to establish the drugs were intended for distribution.  The prosecution relies on the following types of evidence to prove intent to distribute drugs:

  • The packaging of the drugs.  If the drugs are broken down into small, individually-wrapped quantities for consumption, it might be indicative of an intent to distribute;
  • Possession of a digital scale and plastic baggies;
  • Possession of cutting agents to mix with the drugs;
  • Possession of multiple pagers or cell phones;
  • Possession of large amounts of cash;
  • Client ledger sheets with names and order amounts; and
  • Possession of drugs but no drug paraphernalia (such as a needle or a bong) associated with actual drug use.

Any drug distribution or trafficking conviction that occurs within three hundred feet of a school or one hundred feet of a park leads to an additional mandatory minimum sentence of two years in jail without exception.

Learn more about the differences between possession and distribution charges or any other drug crimes by calling Attorney Chris Spring.  Attorney Spring successfully prosecuted hundreds of drug cases in his time as an assistant district attorney.  He has now successfully represented hundreds of defendants charged with drug crimes as a criminal defense attorney.

Take advantage of Attorney Spring’s experience and litigation skills by hiring him to defend you in your drug crimes case.  Attorney Spring will represent your interests tirelessly, aggressively, and passionately. If you are located in Wayland or Sudbury call Spring & Spring today.