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Concord Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

When charged with domestic violence in Concord, you need a criminal defense attorney with dedication and experience.  Attorney Chris Spring, the owner of Spring & Spring, is a former Middlesex County prosecutor and well-versed in all areas of criminal law and domestic violence charges in Massachusetts.   If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Concord, call Attorney Chris Spring at (617) 513-9444.

Chris Spring

Attorney Spring has:

  • Both prosecuted and defended domestic violence cases in Massachusetts;
  • Reached the best possible outcome for hundreds of criminal defense clients; and
  • Spent the last fifteen years working tirelessly defending people just like you.

Attorney Chris Spring personally represents all of his clients and will work with you throughout the entire criminal court process regardless of whether you were accused of theft or gun crimes.  Call Spring & Spring today and schedule your free consultation.  Attorney Spring will travel to your home to discuss your case.


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“As much as dealing with court was stressful and confusing, Chris was able to make this process much easier, from simplifying terms/events to helping me avoid many troubles I couldn’t foresee. He fought hard for my case and did all he could to help me understand/prepare for everything he could. With the connections he made in court and the time that he put into my case, it’s very clear that he is a professional in his work and the right choice in defense. Thanks again Chris!”

-Ben Z.

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Why Choose Our Concord Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys?

Domestic violence charges carry severe penalties and consequences that may follow you for the rest of your life.  It is in your best interest to retain a domestic violence attorney to represent you in the fight for your legal rights and, potentially, your freedom.

Attorney Chris Spring has twenty years of criminal law experience.  He will use this on your behalf to:

  • Protect you from police and prosecutors;
  • Fight for dismissal on your behalf;
  • Develop a strong defense to the charges;
  • Negotiate a beneficial plea agreement; or
  • Try the case in front of a jury.

There is no risk to you in meeting with Attorney Spring.  Should you choose to retain his services, he will charge you a flat fee at the beginning of the case.  Attorney Spring is available to clients nights, weekends, and holidays.

Domestic Violence Charges in Concord, Massachusetts

While domestic assault and battery charges carry the same penalties as regular assault and battery charges, some statutory provisions make domestic violence unique.  For instance, judges can hold domestic violence defendants without bail, and there is a state database that includes the names of every person charged with domestic violence in Massachusetts.  Domestic violence cases deal with alleged violence between a defendant and one of the following:

  • A spouse;
  • A live-in partner;
  • A boyfriend or girlfriend;
  • A sibling;
  • A parent;
  • Another member of the household.

The enhanced charge of aggravated assault and battery is possible for a pregnant, elderly, or impaired victim.

Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Orders

Abuse prevention orders (also known as restraining orders) usually start as ten-day orders issued by the court forbidding the defendant from having contact with the alleged domestic violence victim or the children.  The defendant is notified and has the right to appear at the 10-day hearing to ask the judge to vacate the restraining order.

To obtain a restraining order, an alleged victim must convince a judge that he or she is afraid of the defendant.  While abuse prevention orders are intended to protect victims, some alleged victims use protective orders as a means of retaliation, or as leverage in a family court proceeding.  Violation of an abuse prevention order is punishable by up to 2 ½ years in jail.

There are defenses to a violation of an abuse prevention order, including:

  • Accident;
  • Alleged victim’s criminal record, or evidence of alleged victim’s violence towards defendant;
  • Bias or untruthfulness; and
  • Lack of notice (the defendant was not properly served with the order).

It is important to note that in Massachusetts, a defendant’s spouse can refuse to testify against him or her in court.  This sometimes makes the Commonwealth’s case much more difficult to prove.

Domestic violence charges call for immediate legal help.  Parental rights, rights to one’s home, and property rights are all at stake.  Contact Attorney Chris Spring right away so he can begin defending you now.  Attorney Spring is accessible to you and will aggressively represent you at any domestic violence proceeding.

When you need experienced help now, call Concord domestic violence attorney Chris Spring.