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Wayland Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Wayland is an intimidating and often frightening situation.  When you have questions about your charges and what steps to take next, call Attorney Chris Spring at (617) 513-9444.  Attorney Spring is a dedicated criminal defense attorney who has:

  • Practiced criminal law for two decades;
  • Successfully resolved hundreds of criminal cases for his clients; and
  • Experience working as a Middlesex County assistant district attorney.

Attorney Chris Spring knows both sides of the criminal justice system and uses this knowledge to pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.  Call Attorney Spring to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your charges and potential defenses available in your situation.

Why You Need a Wayland Criminal Defense Attorney

A skilled Wayland criminal defense attorney does more than show up on your court dates.  When you retain experienced counsel, like Attorney Chris Spring, you receive a wide variety of assistance with your case.  This may include:

  • Representation at a bail hearing;
  • Reviewing all of the evidence in your case;
  • Interviewing any witnesses;
  • Identifying weaknesses in the Commonwealth’s case;
  • Filing necessary motions and representing you in any pretrial motion hearings;
  • Working towards the best possible resolution for your case; and
  • Trying your case in front of a jury.

Attorney Spring will be your confidential advisor and offer you honest advice.  Contact Spring & Spring now to meet with Attorney Spring.  He is available nights, weekends, and holidays.

Attempt to Commit a Crime in Massachusetts

An attempt to commit a crime in Massachusetts can result in a prison sentence just like committing the crime itself.  To convict a defendant of attempting to commit a crime, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant:

  1. Specifically intended to commit the underlying criminal offense; and
  2. Performed an overt act toward the commission of the crime, which came reasonable close to committing the crime.

An overt act is not a thought.  An overt act is:

  • A physical action;
  • Taken by the defendant; and
  • Who plans to commit a crime or intends to commit a crime.

Criminal defense attorneys often argue there is the lack of intent to commit a crime, or the absence of an overt act, when defending clients against attempt charges in Massachusetts.

Aiding and Abetting

The Commonwealth can convict a defendant who intentionally assists someone in the commission of a crime with aiding and abetting, or joint venture.  The penalties are potentially the same for that defendant as if he had committed the crime himself.

To convict a defendant of a joint venture, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. The defendant knowingly and intentionally participated in the commission of the crime in a meaningful way; and
  2. Shared the same intent as the principal.

It is not enough that the defendant was present at the crime scene.  The Commonwealth must prove he or she intended to assist in the commission of the crime in some meaningful way.  If defendants argue they withdrew from the joint venture, they must communicate their withdrawal to the other joint venturers in time to stop their commission of the crime altogether.  

A joint venture charge is different from a charge of accessory after the fact.  An accessory after the fact is a person who acts to assist the principal of a crime after the crime has been committed.  The most common defense used by criminal attorneys in either of these cases is that the defendant was ignorant of the crime occurring in his or her presence.

If you need to know more about domestic violence, sex crimes, or any other criminal charges in Wayland, contact an experienced Wayland criminal defense lawyer like Attorney Chris Spring.  Attorney Spring will discuss your charges with you for free and offer you valuable advice on dealing with the police or investigators.  Call his office and schedule your appointment now.