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Winchester Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Winchester, Massachusetts could drastically change the outcome of your case. Attorney Chris Spring has practiced criminal law exclusively for two decades.  If you need to speak with a Winchester criminal defense lawyer, call Attorney Spring today at (617) 513-9444.

Our founder and lead criminal defense lawyer at Spring & Spring has: 

  • Years of experience as both a criminal defense lawyer and a prosecutor in Middlesex County.
  • Owned his own criminal defense practice for more than 15 years.
  • Successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases on behalf of his clients.

Attorney Chris Spring will have one main mission as your criminal defense attorney in Winchester: to give you peace of mind. From addressing your questions with honest, straightforward answers to explaining the charges against you in simple terms, Chris will do everything he can to put your mind at ease during this difficult time.

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Winchester

It is vital to protect yourself as a defendant in any criminal matter in Massachusetts. Your freedom could be on the line as a criminal defendant in Winchester. A prosecutor may try to take advantage of you – especially if you try to represent yourself. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is a critical first step in safeguarding your future.

Attorney Spring can defend you by taking actions such as the following on your behalf:

  • Acquiring the facts about the case against you.
  • Mitigating the charges during pretrial negotiations.
  • Taking care of subpoenas, witness interviews and other tasks.
  • Submitting motions for you, such as a motion to dismiss the case or suppress evidence.
  • Negotiating a plea deal, if this is the right move for your case.
  • Trying your case in front of a jury.

If you choose Spring & Spring for your criminal defense in Winchester, you will never be left in the dark about your case. Attorney Spring emphasizes open and frequent communication with his clients. He hands out his cell number and is available on all nights, weekends, and holidays. Contact us today to schedule your first meeting. 

Steps in the Criminal Justice Process in Winchester

Another important thing our lawyers can do for you in Winchester is explain the legal process in a way that is easy to understand. We know how daunting a criminal case against you can feel.

We are here to relieve your stress and anxiety with up-to-date information about what to expect at the following court events:

  • Arraignment. An arraignment is your initial hearing, where the courts in Winchester will formally charge you with a crime. You may not have to attend the arraignment if you hire a lawyer to make an appearance on your behalf.
  • Entry of your plea. The arraignment is where you will enter your plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Your lawyer can help you determine which plea is right for you, as well as what this plea will mean to the future of your case.
  • Pretrial conferences. Pretrial conferences take place between the attorneys involved in the case. They fill a judge in on the status of the case or ask a judge to rule on specific issues. A pretrial conference could also be used to work out a plea deal.
  • Compliance and election hearings. If the court issues a discovery order for an item that is not produced at a pretrial hearing, a subsequent compliance and election hearing will be needed to ensure compliance.
  • Motion hearings. If either party files a motion, such as a motion to dismiss the case or suppress evidence, there will be a motion hearing for a judge to review the information submitted and make a ruling on the motion.
  • Criminal trial. The criminal trial is where your lawyer and the prosecution will both present their arguments, evidence and witnesses to support their version of events. Then, a jury will consider all information presented and determine if the prosecutor fulfilled the burden of proving the defendant guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Sentencing hearing. If a judge rules against you and convicts you of a crime, you will attend a sentencing hearing. This is the hearing where you will receive your criminal sentence, such as the amount you must pay in fines or the amount of time you must spend in jail before being eligible for parole.

If your criminal trial ends in a guilty verdict, your criminal defense lawyer can initiate the appeal process, if applicable. Otherwise, your lawyer can continue negotiating with the judge on your case for leniency, such as early release for good behavior. Working with a lawyer from day one of your case can make the criminal process easier and less stressful for you and your family. It can also result in the best possible case outcome.

Several Areas of Criminal Defense Expertise in Winchester

When searching for the right Winchester criminal defense attorney, look for someone with experience representing defendants within the same criminal practice area as your case. Your lawyer should have on-the-job experience handling cases similar to yours. Attorney Chris Spring has experience handling many types of criminal cases throughout Massachusetts, including:

This is not an exhaustive list of our criminal justice practice areas. Do not hesitate to call us as soon as you hear about any criminal charges being brought against you in Winchester. We can go to work immediately on preparing your case. We are experienced attorneys who have successfully tried numerous cases.

Criminal Penalties and Defenses

A judge in Massachusetts can impose many different penalties against a defendant who is convicted of a crime. The judge will choose a sentence based on factors such as the defendant’s criminal record, the extent of the injuries or financial damages to the victim, and the victim’s feelings. Common penalties include jail time and fines, as well as probation, community service and house arrest. The penalties you receive for a criminal conviction can ruin relationships, take away your freedoms and impact you far into the future.

The right defense strategy may have the power to protect you from the worst possible consequences of a criminal charge. The defense available to you will depend on the circumstances of your case. A lawyer from Spring & Spring will carefully review the facts of your case to come up with the defense with the highest odds of success. Defenses to criminal charges in Winchester include:

The right defense strategy for you and your case will depend on its unique factors. At Spring & Spring, we don’t advise our clients to “just plead guilty.” We assess every possible defense, looking for strengths and weaknesses, and do what is necessary to help our clients protect their futures. For more information about the defenses that may be available in your specific case, contact Chris Spring 24/7.

What to Do After an Arrest in Winchester, Massachusetts

If you get arrested or accused of committing a crime in Winchester, try to stay calm. Know that you have rights and that an arrest does not necessarily mean a criminal conviction. What you say and do immediately after an arrest can either help or hurt your case. Take these steps to fully protect your rights as a criminal defendant:

  1. Cooperate with the arresting officer. Do not fight with the officer or resist arrest. This could lead to additional charges and/or a serious injury. Instead, comply with all of the arresting officer’s directions to show you are nonviolent and cooperative. The time to fight is in court, not during your arrest.
  2. Use your right to remain silent. One of your Miranda Rights is the right to remain silent. The law only requires you to give your name when an officer asks. You do not lawfully have to answer any other questions or offer information during your arrest and booking. Staying silent can help you avoid accidental self-incrimination.
  3. Do not answer any police questions until you have an attorney present. Wait until you have a lawyer present to answer any questions asked during a police interview or interrogation. Politely explain to the police officer that you will not be making any comment until your lawyer arrives.
  4. Call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. After you are booked at the local police station, you will have the chance to make one phone call. Use this opportunity to call a trusted friend or family member and explain your situation. Have this person call a criminal defense lawyer for you or contact Spring & Spring directly at (617) 513-9444.
  5. Post bail, if applicable, and help your attorney look for evidence. If you have the opportunity to be released on bail, post bail through a bond company and await your arraignment hearing in your own home. In the meantime, help your attorney identify witnesses and search for other evidence to start building your defense.

The most important thing to remember is not to resist arrest or say anything incriminating. Once you hire a Winchester criminal defense lawyer, he or she can take over your case and guide you through the criminal justice process. Contact Spring & Spring as soon as possible after an arrest for a free case review.

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Getting arrested for any type of crime can be frightening and stressful. If your future is on the line, trust an experienced and proven attorney to handle your criminal defense. Attorney Chris Spring can help you understand and protect your legal rights. Contact Spring & Spring for a free consultation in Winchester, Massachusetts. We will discuss your situation in more detail for free. Call (617) 513-9444 today.