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If you are charged with a crime, it is crucial that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney aggressively protecting your interests. Middlesex County criminal defense attorney Chris Spring, a former prosecutor, has dedicated his entire law practice to representing criminal defendants in Massachusetts. During the past 18 years, he has appeared in nearly every superior court and district court in Eastern Massachusetts and he has tried more than 150 cases before juries. He also has argued cases before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court. Whether you are charged with a life felony or a misdemeanor, Attorney Spring will zealously defend you from your arraignment through your trial. Attorney Spring represents clients in every city and town in Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk Counties.

A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Attorney Spring began his career in the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. He served as an assistant district attorney for more than three years and prosecuted cases in every courthouse in Middlesex County. After successfully handling cases in district court, Attorney Spring was promoted to superior court where he prosecuted defendants charged primarily with violent street crime, including sex offenses, and high-end drug trafficking cases. Attorney Spring’s experience as an assistant district attorney taught him the strategies used by prosecutors to convict individuals charged with crimes. He now shares that knowledge with his clients as a Middlesex County criminal defense lawyer to put them in the best possible position to tear down the government’s case.

Too many defense attorneys are afraid to go to trial. Attorney Spring prepares every one of his cases as if they will be tried in front of a jury. Attorney Spring’s attention to every detail of every case combined with his extensive trial experience benefits his clients at every stage of the criminal proceedings.


Attorney Spring has experience defending the following types of crimes.

  • Drug offenses (including drug trafficking, distribution and possession with intent to distribute, school and park zone violations, and simple possession of drugs). Attorney Spring has won countless motions to suppress evidence, which has resulted in his clients' drugs cases being dismissed. Attorney Spring has also won cases by convincing jurors his clients possessed drugs for personal use (rather than for distribution) and his clients were the buyers (rather than the sellers) in drug transactions that were witnessed by the police.
  • Domestic violence (including assault and battery with or without a dangerous weapon, restraining order violations, kidnapping, and stalking). Attorney Spring works with his clients to learn the histories of their relationships with the alleged victims to determine if the alleged victims ever committed prior bad acts that might be admissible at trial. Attorney Spring also advises clients whether alleged victims might have a statutory or constitutional privilege to refuse to testify at trial.
  • Motor vehicle offenses (including operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, motor vehicle homicide, leaving the scene of death, leaving the scene of personal injury or property damage, and minor offenses such as operating with a suspended license). Attorney Spring will conduct a full investigation, including visiting and photographing the scene of the alleged crime, to determine the most persuasive defense for each case. A visits to the scene often reveals information that is crucially important at a defendant's trial.
  • Sex crimes (including rape, indecent assault and battery, possession and distribution of child pornography, lewd and lascivious conduct, and sexting). Attorney Spring has hired DNA experts to rebut problematic forensic evidence in sex cases. In cases involving alleged sex crimes between acquaintances, Attorney Spring interviews all possible witnesses to determine if the alleged victim's story is consistent and inherently believable.
  • Crimes against the person (including attempted murder, armed robbery, home invasion, burglary, criminal harassment, mayhem, and civil rights violations). Attorney Spring considers every possible defense, including necessity, self-defense, and defense of another person. Attorney Spring also obtains all alleged victims' criminal records to determine if their past bad behavior might be admissible at trial.
  • Property crimes (including arson, larceny, breaking and entering, malicious destruction of property, forgery, and uttering). Did the defendant have a motive to commit the crime? Or maybe an alibi? Attorney Spring will answer these questions during the course of his representation and use the information to his advantage at trial.

In addition to preparing every case to go to trial, Attorney Spring has a history of winning motions to suppress evidence, which sometimes leads to cases being dismissed prior to trial. Attorney Spring has hired a variety of experts on behalf of his clients, including medical doctors, DNA specialists, and private investigators to assist in trial preparation and testify at trial.


Attorney Spring realizes being charged with a crime is stressful and hiring an attorney can be intimidating. He will travel to your home to meet with you, free of charge, to discuss your case and explore your legal options. You will not be billed unless you decide to hire Attorney Spring after your free consultation.

Attorney Spring does not have “business hours.” He gives every client his cell phone number and is available nights, weekends, and on holidays. If you hire Attorney Spring as your Middlesex County criminal defense lawyer, you will deal with him directly and you will never talk to a secretary, paralegal, or associate.


Attorney Spring represents clients on a flat fee basis, and during your free consultation he will tell you exactly how much he will charge to represent you. Some attorneys charge by the hour or by how many times they have to go to court, but Attorney Spring thinks it’s fair for his clients to know upfront how much their attorney will cost, without having to worry about unpredictable legal bills. The flat fee includes representation at every juncture of the case, from the first appearance up to and including the jury trial.

Attorney Spring accepts personal checks.

Meet the Attorney

Attorney Chris Spring owns and operates Spring & Spring, which provides aggressive and sophisticated representation to criminal defendants and individuals who are the targets of criminal investigations in Eastern Massachusetts. He represents clients charged with every type of crime in superior court and district court. As an assistant district attorney earlier in his career, Attorney Spring led investigations that resulted in the prosecution of hundreds of criminal cases. As a defense attorney, he now uses that experience and knowledge to attack the government’s case from the beginning of the investigation until the end of the trial.

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I hit a guy on a bike after I took Oxycontin that was prescribed by a doctor. We went to trial and I was found not guilty of operating under the influence of drugs. Because of Chris I was able to get my license back right away. Grace
The police beat me up and charged me with resisting arrest. I have a long criminal record. Mr. Spring took me to trial and the jury found me not guilty. Mr. Spring showed the cops were lying. Christian
I had a fender bender with a cop car during bad weather and the police charged me with negligent driving. Chris was my lawyer and I was found not guilty by the jury. Dylan
The cops said I tried to hit them with my car. Chris got a surveillance video that showed they were lying. The jury said I was not guilty. John
I was stopped for a DWI and I failed all the field tests. Chris explained to the jury why I failed the field tests and I was found not guilty. Justin
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