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Concord Assault Defense Attorney

An assault charge in Concord can expose you to severe consequences, including jail time.  A conviction for a violent crime can affect any prospects for employment, housing, or professional licensing.  Experienced Concord assault lawyer, Attorney Chris Spring, can help ensure you achieve the best possible outcome in your assault case.  Contact Spring & Spring today at (617) 513-9444.

Chris Spring

Attorney Spring is a former Middlesex County assistant district attorney and the founder of Spring & Spring, his criminal defense firm.  Attorney Chris Spring is:

  • Knowledgeable, with twenty years of criminal law experience;
  • Available to you nights, weekends, and holidays; and
  • Aggressive and prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.

Call Spring & Spring now to schedule your free consultation with Attorney Spring.  He will help you understand your charges and any potential defenses or opportunities for a dismissal of your case.


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“Chris’s expertise and dedication turned a dire situation into a remarkable victory. My son now now has his life back, thanks to Chris’s skillfully handling of the case. We are forever grateful for his help in navigating this challenging time.”

-Patricia P.

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Assault and Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury


Not Guilty

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Attempted Murder


Case Dismissed

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The Value of an Experienced Concord Assault Defense Attorney

When facing criminal assault charges, you need someone familiar with your local criminal court and cases similar to yours.  Attorney Chris Spring has successfully negotiated and litigated violent offenses in courtrooms throughout Massachusetts, including Concord District Court.  He will use his experience to aid you in making essential decisions about your case and protecting your freedom.

As your Concord assault defense attorney, Attorney Spring will:

  • Investigate any allegations against you;
  • Examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the conduct of the police;
  • Interview all potential witnesses;
  • Analyze the credibility of your accusers; and
  • Identify and exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Let Attorney Spring fiercely advocate for you.  Your case fees are always transparent when you retain Attorney Spring, and your first meeting is free.

Common Assault Charges

Massachusetts defines assault as attempting to use physical force against someone or showing an intention to use immediate force against someone.  In other words, it is the attempt or threat of physical force, not the actual touching or use of force on another person.

This is important to distinguish from battery.  Battery, unlike assault, carries through with the threat of assault and includes the unwanted act of touching the other person.

Common categories of assault charges in Massachusetts include:

Proving Assault Charges

Every assault charge has a corresponding criminal statute.  Each statute spells out the elements of the crime the Commonwealth must prove to convict a defendant.  To convict a defendant of assault, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant:

  1. Attempted to commit an assault and battery; or
  2. Attempted to place the alleged victim in fear of an assault and battery and engaged in some conduct which the alleged victim reasonably perceived as imminently threatening an assault and battery.

To follow through and convict a defendant with the crime of assault and battery, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant:

  1. Touched another person without having any right or excuse for doing so;
  2. Intended to touch the other person; and
  3. Committed a touching that was either likely to cause bodily harm or was done without the other person’s consent.

Defending Assault Charges

Many assault charges have similar defenses.  For example, an experienced defense attorney will generally argue one or more of the following defenses on behalf of his client:

  • Accident.  Any fear or threat on behalf of the alleged victim was unintended or unexpected by the defendant;
  • Self-defense or defense of another.  The defendant used a reasonable degree of force in self-defense or defense of another person;
  • Alleged victim’s criminal record.  The alleged victim has a violent past or recent criminal record which could be used to impeach him; and
  • Bias.  The alleged victim has negative feelings or bears a grudge towards the defendant.

In the event the defendant and alleged victim are a married couple, the prosecutor cannot force the alleged victim to testify against the defendant.

To learn more about assault charges in Concord, speak with Concord assault defense attorney Chris Spring.  He will guide you through the criminal process and stand beside you every step of the way.  Knowledge, skill, and experience matter when your future is on the line; call Spring & Spring today to get started on your defense.