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Woburn Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a gun crime in Woburn, Massachusetts makes it imperative to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. If the police arrested you or a loved one for an alleged gun crime, trust Spring and Spring for experienced legal counsel. We can explain the charges against you and help you work toward the best possible resolution.

Our lead lawyer, Attorney Chris Spring, has:

  • Experience as a former prosecutor in Middlesex County and, for the past 15 years, as a criminal defense attorney.
  • Helped hundreds of clients obtain successful resolutions for their criminal cases.
  • More than 20 years of experience working professionally in criminal law.

Clients choose Spring & Spring for our dedication to clients, passion for justice, accessible attorneys, and aggressive approach to criminal defense. Call us today to begin working on your gun crimes case in Woburn with a free consultation.

Why You Need a Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer in Woburn, MA

A gun crime conviction in Massachusetts could take away many of your rights and freedoms. You could lose the right to own firearms, for example. Under federal law, a felony conviction will strip you of your right to bear arms. You could also spend time in jail or prison for a serious gun crime. Many judges in the Commonwealth also impose fines, probation, community service and other penalties for gun crimes.

A gun crimes defense attorney could help by taking care of many key tasks for you:

  • Evaluate and explain the gun charges against you.
  • Explore what evidence or proof the Commonwealth allegedly has against you.
  • Design your defense strategy according to your unique case.
  • File a motion to suppress evidence or dismiss the case.
  • Represent you during negotiations with the district attorney.
  • Update you about the standing of your case regularly.
  • Fight for the fairest resolution possible on your behalf.
  • Try your case in front of a jury.

Your lawyer can guide you through the criminal system and legal process, explaining complicated procedures in a way that is easy for you to understand. Your lawyer will not let anyone take advantage of you, including cops and prosecutors. Hiring Attorney Chris Spring could protect your future as a criminal defendant.

Examples of Gun Crimes in Massachusetts

Gun crimes refer mainly to charges for illegal gun ownership, possession and carrying. Gun crimes are different than violent crimes committed with guns. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, for example, is a different type of charge than a gun crime. Gun crimes have to do with breaking the laws surrounding gun ownership:

  • Owning a gun without a firearm permit
  • Owning ammunition without a permit
  • Possessing a gun with a defaced serial number
  • Possessing a sawed-off shotgun
  • Possessing a high-capacity firearm
  • Possessing a stun gun or chemical mace

You can count on Attorney Chris Spring’s knowledge of gun laws in Massachusetts to break down the specific charge against you. As an experienced Woburn gun crimes attorney, Chris can answer your questions, explore options for case dismissal, strive to reduce your charges and fight aggressively for you at trial for the best possible case outcome.

Common Gun Crime Defenses

Gun crimes are serious legal violations that can have lifelong effects on you as a defendant. A Woburn gun crimes lawyer could help you avoid the most serious penalties using a strong defense strategy:

  • You had a valid license to own and carry firearms
  • You were unaware you had a gun in your possession
  • The gun was seized by the police during an unconstitutional search

Do not wait to contact us for a free consultation about your gun crime case in Woburn, Massachusetts. We can teach you more about any type of gun charge, as well as list your potential defense options. Protect your rights with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Contact Spring & Spring today.