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Lowell Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction in Massachusetts can strip you of your rights. You may forfeit the constitutional rights to bear arms and vote, for example, and a conviction could impact your employment or housing opportunities. Most importantly, you could lose your freedom. Fight back against any type of criminal charge in Lowell, MA by hiring an experienced Lowell criminal defense attorney, such as Attorney Chris Spring. Call Spring & Spring at (617) 513-9444 to schedule a free initial consultation with Chris Spring.

Attorney Spring protects his clients’ rights and best interests during criminal cases in the Commonwealth. His legal experience includes the following:

  • 20 years of total criminal trial experience.
  • Time spent as an assistant district attorney in Middlesex County, prosecuting cases in Lowell Superior Court and Lowell District Court.
  • 15 years practicing only criminal defense law as the founder of Spring & Spring.

As your criminal defense attorney in Lowell, Chris Spring will handle your case directly. We never pass clients off to paralegals or associates. Let us reduce the stress and anxiety associated with your case. Contact us today.

When to Hire a Lowell Criminal Defense Attorney

It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Lowell when faced with any type of criminal charge or allegation. Every criminal charge is serious. A conviction of any type will create a permanent criminal record – affecting your ability to find housing and gainful employment. The right attorney can protect your future by using smart and aggressive legal strategies in your defense. Your lawyer will handle many tasks on your behalf:

  • Preparing legal documents.
  • Collecting evidence or statements.
  • Finding out what information the prosecution has.
  • Negotiating with the Commonwealth for you.
  • Preventing the prosecutor from taking advantage of you.
  • Presenting a tailored defense.
  • Achieving the best possible result for your case.

Having a trained and knowledgeable professional handle your criminal case for you can provide important peace of mind. It can also improve your chances of winning your case or achieving a positive outcome, such as a satisfactory plea deal. Trust Attorney Chris Spring with your case in Lowell, Massachusetts for strong legal advocacy.

Types of Criminal Cases We Accept in Lowell, MA

When looking for a Lowell criminal defense lawyer, search for one with the right knowledge, education, prior cases and experience to handle your type of case. At Spring & Spring, we have years of experience representing clients during many types of criminal cases:

You should connect to your criminal defense lawyer on a personal level. You should feel that your lawyer is listening to your needs, respecting your rights and fighting for the best outcome available on your behalf. For more than 15 years, clients in the Commonwealth have trusted Attorney Chris Spring as their legal advocate.

Penalties for Criminal Convictions in Lowell, Massachusetts

If you retain Attorney Spring, you will have the resources and legal assistance to create a convincing defense strategy in Lowell. Your defense attorney could help you avoid the most severe sentences and penalties for the type of charges against you. These penalties may include:

  • Jail time
  • Prison sentence
  • Fines, fees and surcharges
  • Restitution
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • House arrest
  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Mandatory education courses
  • Sex offender list registration

Your lawyer can use your lack of criminal background, good social standing, morals, education records, a psychological evaluation and many other tools to help build your defense strategy. Then, your lawyer can represent you at trial in Lowell.

Do not wait to speak to a criminal defense attorney in Lowell, Massachusetts about the charges against you. Contact Attorney Chris Spring today for a free consultation.