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Carlisle Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need a criminal defense attorney, you want an advisor who will fiercely protect your rights and freedom.  Attorney Chris Spring will represent you and your best interests with the professionalism and skills you expect and deserve. For a Carlisle criminal defense lawyer, contact Attorney Chris Spring today at (617) 513-9444.

Attorney Spring wants to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with your criminal charges.  His legal experience encompasses the following:

  • Twenty years of criminal law practice;
  • Appearing before both superior and district courts throughout Massachusetts; and
  • Previously working as a Middlesex County assistant district attorney.

Call Spring & Spring today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Chris Spring.  Your first appointment is always free.  Attorney Spring will travel to your home for your meeting.

What Can a Carlisle Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

Any criminal conviction may carry lifelong ramifications.  A conviction may affect your freedom, chances of enrolling in school, gaining a professional license, or owning a firearm.  Criminal matters are too severe to tackle on your own.

A local attorney, like Attorney Chris Spring, understands the court system and he law, and he knows all the actors within the courthouse.  An experienced Carlisle criminal defense lawyer, Chris Spring, can:

  • Examine and evaluate your case evidence;
  • Evaluate your best options for plea bargains, defenses, and a trial;
  • Develop the most potent strategies for your protection;
  • Keep your case moving through the criminal process;
  • Protect you from the prosecution; and
  • Provide multiple levels of support, such as help coping with the emotions that can accompany criminal charges.

Before moving forward with your case, speak with Attorney Chris Spring.  He will explain your charges and help ease your mind.  Attorney Spring is available to his clients on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal prosecutions begin with law enforcement investigations.  Investigations range from ten-minute traffic stops to months-long drug busts.  Those under investigation may or may not be aware the police are watching them.

Police officers use their investigations to collect evidence of a crime.  If an officer or investigator requests an interview with you, speak with a criminal defense attorney in Carlisle before talking with the police.  Without an attorney, it is possible to say something incriminating unknowingly.

Criminal Proceedings

While it is hard to know precisely how long a criminal case will take to resolve, there is a structure that most cases follow.  Every criminal case starts with an arraignment where the defendant enters a plea of not guilty.  Bail is set or denied at the arraignment.

From the arraignment, the criminal process proceeds accordingly:

  • Pretrial conference;
  • Discovery, or exchange of evidence;
  • Compliance and Election Hearing;
  • Motion hearings, such as Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Suppress;
  • Plea and sentencing hearings; or
  • Trial and sentencing.

The length of these proceedings will depend on the nature of the charges, the depth of the investigation, whether the defendant is in custody, and the court’s schedule.  District court cases generally resolve within eight months to one year after the arraignment.  Superior court cases take longer, usually one to two years after the arraignment.

Types of Defenses

There are several types of defenses argued on behalf of defendants by their attorneys.  The first and most obvious defense to a crime is innocence, or the defendant simply did not commit the crime.  However, there are times when the best defense is admitting the commission of the crime but asserting an affirmative defense.

When a defendant uses an affirmative defense, he or she admits to the crime but argues there was a valid reason for his or her actions.  Therefore, he or she is not guilty of the crime.  Examples of affirmative defenses are:

  • Mental illness;
  • No specific intent to commit a crime;
  • Self-defense;
  • Defense of another;
  • Emergency or necessity;
  • Duress or coercion;
  • Accident;
  • Parental discipline; and
  • The statute of limitations for the crime expired.

The above are only samples of defenses used by skilled criminal defense attorneys on their clients’ behalf.  If you want to learn more about any one or more of these, or to discuss your defense options, call Carlisle criminal attorney Chris Spring.

Attorney Spring’s experience, aggressive approach to defense, and availability to his clients, sets him apart from other defense attorneys in the Carlisle area.  There are no hidden fees when you retain Attorney Spring, and he personally handles every aspect of your case regardless of whether you are located in Acton or Maynard.