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Reading OUI Defense Attorney

Being arrested for operating under the influence (OUI), also known as driving under the influence (DUI), in Reading can turn your life upside-down. If you are facing these charges, it is critical to contact a Reading DUI defense attorney at Spring & Spring right away. We will review your case in detail and help you understand your legal options. Call (617) 513-9444 for a free and confidential case evaluation.

Why Choose Spring & Spring for Your OUI Defense Case?

  • Attorney Chris Spring is a former prosecutor. He understands how the other side of a criminal case operates and can use this knowledge to your advantage during an OUI case.
  • We have achieved many positive results for past OUI clients, including case dismissals, plea bargains, alternative sentencing and not-guilty verdicts at trial.
  • You will benefit from the undivided attention of your Reading DUI defense lawyer. We take the time to customize each client’s defense strategy for optimal results.

What Are the Elements of an OUI Case in Reading?

According to Mass. General Laws c.90 § 24, an individual commits the offense of operating under the influence if he or she: “operates a motor vehicle with a percentage, by weight, of alcohol in their blood of eight one-hundredths or greater, or while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, or of marijuana, narcotic drugs, depressants or stimulant substances…or while under the influence from smelling or inhaling the fumes of any substance having the property of releasing toxic vapors.”

To prove an OUI case against a defendant, the prosecution must establish all of the elements of this crime as true beyond a reasonable doubt. These elements are: 1) the operation of a motor vehicle, 2) on a public road 3) while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In Reading, a defendant can be found guilty of an OUI if his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) level is at or above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. However, it is also possible to be found guilty of OUI with a lower BAC if there is evidence of impairment.

Defenses to OUI Charges in Reading, Massachusetts

The OUI lawyers at Spring & Spring may explore several potential defenses to use in your OUI case based on the circumstances. We will seek out the most effective defense strategy according to the facts of your case and your criminal record.

Possibilities may include:

  • Lack of intoxication or impairment
  • You were not in actual control of a motor vehicle
  • Inaccurate breathalyzer, urine or blood tests
  • Biased field sobriety test results
  • “Mouth alcohol” defense
  • Rising blood alcohol defense if the officer skipped the observation period
  • Improper police officer procedures or constitutional violations

As your defense lawyers, we will not simply push you into accepting a plea bargain. We will work tirelessly to craft the strongest possible defense to achieve the best available outcome.

Where to Go for Your DUI/OUI Court Appearance in Reading

Drunk and drugged driving criminal cases in Reading, Massachusetts are heard in the Woburn District Court. This court also serves Burlington, North Reading, Stoneham, Wilmington, Winchester and Woburn.

Below is some basic information for the Woburn District Court:

Statistics show that 1,903 criminal cases were heard in the Woburn District Court in 2023, making up 1.5 percent of all cases filed. At Spring & Spring, we have handled over 150 jury trials across many Massachusetts courthouses, including the Woburn District Court.

Contact Our Reading OUI Defense Lawyers for Immediate Legal Assistance

If you or a loved one was recently arrested for operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Reading, contact Spring & Spring for a free case consultation. We will listen to your story and offer tailored legal advice to help you get through this difficult time. Our Reading criminal defense lawyers have been trusted by thousands of clients across Massachusetts. Call us at (617) 513-9444 to learn more.