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Maynard Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is crucial to take steps to protect your freedom and your future in the time immediately following criminal charges.  Attorney Chris Spring is an experienced Maynard criminal defense lawyer who will work tirelessly to resolve your criminal charges and produce the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Spring & Spring today at (617) 513-9444 to speak with Attorney Spring.

Attorney Spring is prepared to handle any criminal charge you may face.  His experience includes:

  • Working as a Middlesex County assistant district attorney;
  • Owning and operating his criminal defense firm for 15 years; and
  • Practicing criminal law for twenty years in both superior and district courts throughout Massachusetts.

When you need a powerful defense, call Spring & Spring.  Your first consultation with Attorney Spring is always free and confidential.  Attorney Spring is available to meet with you nights, weekends, and holidays.

How Can a Maynard Criminal Defense Attorney Help My Case?

An experienced Maynard criminal defense attorney does more than show up at court hearings.  Your criminal defense attorney works with you to construct a plan of action for your case that is unique to your circumstances.  When you retain Attorney Chris Spring, he may do some or all of the following:

  • Meet with you to hear your story and explain your charges;
  • Speak with any witnesses;
  • Review all potential evidence;
  • Work on your behalf to dismiss or reduce your charges; and
  • Discuss any consequences of a plea or potential outcomes of a trial with you.

There is no reason to fumble through one of the most critical events in your life.  Teaming up with Attorney Spring means having someone on your side throughout the entire criminal process who knows all Massachusetts state and local laws, policies, and procedures.  Call his office today to make your first appointment.

Pretrial Defense Motions

Criminal arrests and charges can impact a defendant’s long-term future.  A Maynard criminal defense l knows specific strategies and defenses to use when representing clients against the Commonwealth.  Many of these defenses are in the form of pretrial motions filed by the defense attorney on his or her client’s behalf.

The Commonwealth must prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Prosecutors attempt to establish guilt by using evidence gathered by the police.  If the police obtained their evidence by unlawful tactics, that evidence is not allowed in court.

Illegally obtained evidence includes evidence seized through police misconduct or coercion.  The defense attorney files a motion to suppress this type of evidence.  A motion to suppress will result in a court hearing regarding the legality of questionable evidence.

If a motion to suppress is allowed by a judge and important evidence is suppressed, the prosecutor may be forced to dismiss the case.

Types of evidence subject to a motion to suppress includes:

  • Physical evidence, objects;
  • Identification from a suggestive photo lineup; and
  • Involuntary statements from defendants.

Talking to the Police

Individuals who have been charged with crimes or are the subject of a criminal investigation should obey the following rules to limit their potential criminal liability:

  • Do not speak with anyone, especially the police or their investigators, before consulting with a criminal defense attorney;
  • Never comment on any accusations or charges made against you, and never offer any thoughts or opinions about the circumstances surrounding those allegations;
  • Do not post any comment about your criminal charges on social media.  Police officers look at suspects’ social media accounts and may use any statements you make against you in court; and
  • Do not submit to a polygraph as part of an ongoing investigation.

Before making any decisions, seek the advice of a Maynard criminal defense lawyer.  Attorney Chris Spring can help you whether you are facing charges, under investigation, or dealing with a probation violation.  There is never a risk to you in talking with Attorney Spring, so call his office now. We can handle cases in Lexington to Lincoln.