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Concord Theft Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges for stealing carry serious consequences, including the possibility of a conviction, jail time, and a criminal record.  Attorney Chris Spring is available to help fight any theft charges filed against you.  Attorney Spring, the founder of Spring & Spring, is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor for Middlesex County.  If you are in need of a Concord theft lawyer, contact Attorney Chris Spring today at (617) 513-9444.

As a Concord criminal defense attorney with twenty years of experience, Attorney Spring is:

  • Dedicated to the practice of criminal defense law;
  • Skilled and knowledgeable in both the prosecution and defense of theft in Massachusetts; and
  • Able to aggressively try your case before a jury.

Contact Spring & Spring today and schedule your free case consultation with Attorney Chris Spring.  He will handle your case himself and never hand you off to an associate or a paralegal.  All of your fees are visible, and there are no surprise charges.

Why You Need a Concord Theft Defense Attorney

Property crimes in Massachusetts are no laughing matter.  These crimes carry similar severe penalties and consequences as violent offenses and can result in difficulty finding employment, housing, and educational opportunities.  This is why it is vital to retain an experienced Concord property crime attorney.

When you retain Attorney Chris Spring, he will:

  • Meet with you and listen to your story;
  • Collect any needed documentation, including videotapes, and other evidence;
  • Speak with any witnesses;
  • Represent you in any hearings, including restitution hearings;
  • Accompany you to any police interview; and
  • Argue to a jury that you should be found not guilty.

Never speak to the police without representation.  Call Attorney Chris Spring first.  He is accessible to clients on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Common Theft Crimes

Theft is taking property that belongs to another.  Theft crimes are broad and range from shoplifting and theft to counterfeiting and embezzling.  In Massachusetts, a larceny conviction can mean a state prison sentence depending on the value of the property involved and how the property is taken.

Before the Commonwealth can convict a defendant of larceny, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. The defendant took and carried away property;
  2. The property was owned or possessed by someone other than the defendant; and
  3. The defendant intended to deprive that person of the property permanently.

Common types of larceny include:

  • Larceny from a person, like a purse snatching;
  • Larceny by false pretenses, such as keeping a charitable donation;
  • Larceny by embezzlement, including skimming money from a business account for personal use; and
  • Larceny of a motor vehicle, or stealing a car.

Larceny Defenses

There are defenses an experienced Concord theft attorney may use to help clear a defendant of larceny charges.

  • Intent.  Larceny requires the defendant to have intended to deprive the owner of the property permanently.  If the defendant intended to return the property, there might not be a larceny case;
  • No identification.  Without a witness of the theft, it is nearly impossible for the prosecution to identify the defendant as the one who allegedly stole the property; and
  • Bias.  An accusation by a victim who dislikes a defendant and possibly has personal motives to blame the defendant is subject to a fierce cross-examination by a defense attorney.

To explore these defenses and more, call Attorney Chris Spring.  He wants to help you bring your case to its best possible resolution.  As a skilled, aggressive, theft defense attorney in Concord, he will seek dismissal of your case if warranted by the facts.

Call Attorney Spring at Spring & Spring today.  He will travel to your home for a complimentary consultation.  Experience the difference an experienced, aggressive, and accessible theft attorney can make. He is ready to handle your case regardless of whether you are accused of assault or domestic violence.