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Hudson OUI Defense Lawyer

Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or operating under the influence (OUI), as it is called in Massachusetts, can alter your life in significant ways. You may lose your driving privileges, which could result in the loss of your job. You may also have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and spend time in jail.

The attorneys at Spring & Spring offer aggressive criminal defense services to people charged with OUI in Hudson and the surrounding cities. Find out how we can help you if you have been arrested or charged with this crime during a free case consultation.

Why Choose the Hudson OUI Defense Lawyers at Spring & Spring?

  • Our lead attorney, Chris Spring, is a former prosecutor who knows how the other side of a criminal case operates. He has over 20 years of experience.
  • We let our case results speak for themselves. Our OUI defense attorneys have successfully achieved countless case dismissals, acquittals and not-guilty verdicts for OUI clients.
  • With Spring & Spring as your defense lawyers, you will receive personalized care and attention from your attorney – not a secretary or paralegal.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help With Your OUI Case

Dealing with an OUI case alone could threaten your future. Massachusetts lawmakers take drunk and drugged driving offenses very seriously. Even if it is your first offense, you could receive a sentence of up to $5,000 in fines and 2.5 years in jail.

It is critical to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer to represent you if you have been arrested for this crime. Your attorney can craft a suitable defense to protect you from the worst penalties associated with an OUI. You can trust your lawyer to fight for the best possible results for your case.

Where Will Your Hudson OUI Case Be Heard?

In Hudson, Massachusetts, OUI criminal cases are heard in the Marlborough District Court. This court also serves the city of Marlborough.

Here is the courthouse’s information:

Attorney Chris Spring and his team have handled over 150 jury trials. We can make court appearances at the Marlborough District Court during your OUI case on your behalf.

The Right Defense Can Protect Your Freedom and Future

It is possible to successfully defend against operating under the influence charges in Massachusetts with the right legal strategy. At Spring & Spring, we will analyze your specific circumstances to work toward a satisfactory resolution.

Potential defense options include:

  • Lack of intoxication or vehicle operation (missing case elements)
  • Lack of probable cause to make the stop or arrest
  • Inaccurate breathalyzer or chemical test results
  • Improper administration of a field sobriety test
  • Valid medical reasons for test results
  • Rising blood alcohol concentration defense
  • Violation of constitutional rights or police misconduct

Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may work toward case dismissal, acquittal, a plea bargain or alternative sentencing. An attorney will have connections to the courts and prosecutors to use for your benefit.

Request Your Free OUI Case Evaluation in Hudson

If you or a loved one was recently arrested for operating under the influence in Hudson, Massachusetts, don’t hesitate to contact Spring & Spring to schedule a free case evaluation. We are premier Hudson criminal defense attorneys who provide uncompromising representation to clients. Let our experience and knowledge go to work for you. Call (617) 513-9444 today.