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Violent Crimes

Assault Charges · Domestic Violence · Serious Felonies

Allegations of violence or threats of bodily harm can carry severe penalties, including jail or prison time and the lifelong stigma of a criminal record. The more serious the crime, the higher the stakes for your freedom and your future.

Attorney Chris Spring prosecuted individuals charged with violent crimes when he was an assistant district attorney at the beginning of his career. Since becoming a defense attorney, he has represented hundreds of people charged with violent crimes in district and superior court, and he has a successful track record of convincing juries to find his clients not guilty.

Accused of a Violent Crime? Talk to a Lawyer Immediately.

If you are accused of committing a crime, it is almost never smart to talk to the police. The police are skilled at obtaining confessions from people accused of crimes, and even if you are innocent, the police will attempt to interpret your story in a way that makes you look guilty. Instead of talking to the police, you should make an appointment to consult with a criminal defense attorney to explore your options. Contact Attorney Chris Spring today to arrange a free consultation.

Spring & Spring handles the full spectrum of criminal charges, from domestic disputes to allegations of causing catastrophic injury or death:

Assault charges and sexual misconduct

Robbery and use of force

Domestic violence, harassment or intimidation

A Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

Depending on the nature of the offense and your criminal history, violent offenses may carry mandatory prison time. If you have been convicted of violent offenses in the past, you could be charged under enhancement statutes, such as being a habitual criminal, which will dramatically increase the punishment you face and could result in a lengthy state prison sentence. Even if you avoid incarceration, a conviction for assault or other crimes of violence can affect your employment, your education, and your family.

Attorney Spring has successfully defended people accused of committing violent acts in every type of situation – from domestic violence incidents in the home, to bar fights, to gang violence, to road rage confrontations. His experience in prosecuting these types of cases early in his career provides him with unique insight on the most effective way to mount a defense. He has experience hiring experts on behalf of his clients, including DNA specialists, medical doctors, and private investigators. Attorney Spring will provide you with the aggressive and sophisticated defense that you deserve. See examples of the firm’s Success Stories in violent crime cases.

Attorney Spring represents defendants charged with violent crimes in the cities and towns of Middlesex, Essex, Worcester, Norfolk, and Suffolk counties. He will travel to your home for a free consultation, where he will review the facts of your case, assess the strength of the Commonwealth’s case, and discuss your options.

Client Reviews
I hit a guy on a bike after I took Oxycontin that was prescribed by a doctor. We went to trial and I was found not guilty of operating under the influence of drugs. Because of Chris I was able to get my license back right away. Grace
The police beat me up and charged me with resisting arrest. I have a long criminal record. Mr. Spring took me to trial and the jury found me not guilty. Mr. Spring showed the cops were lying. Christian
I had a fender bender with a cop car during bad weather and the police charged me with negligent driving. Chris was my lawyer and I was found not guilty by the jury. Dylan
The cops said I tried to hit them with my car. Chris got a surveillance video that showed they were lying. The jury said I was not guilty. John
I was stopped for a DWI and I failed all the field tests. Chris explained to the jury why I failed the field tests and I was found not guilty. Justin