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Property And Public Peace Crimes

 Massachusetts Property Crimes Defense AttorneyTheft and Burglary · Destruction of Property · Public Peace Crimes

Often times, the penalties and collateral consequences for convictions of property crimes are as severe as the penalties related to convictions for violent offenses. In addition to facing jail time, fines and probation, a conviction for a property or public peace crime may make it more difficult for you to obtain a job, housing, or educational loans.

Attorney Chris Spring aggressively defends clients charged with property crimes and public peace crimes. While serving as an assistant district attorney earlier in his career, Attorney Spring prosecuted every type of property crime and public peace crime. Since founding Spring & Spring, he has a track record of obtaining favorable results for his clients in these types of cases. In addition to representing you at trial, Attorney Spring will also represent you in any related restitution hearing.

Consult a Criminal Defense Attorney Before You Speak to the Police

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is talking to the police without having an attorney with you. Police officers are trained to make you feel comfortable and want to tell your side of the story. However, you may not realize that your side of the story is providing the police with the evidence they need to convict you of a crime. Contact Attorney Spring to schedule a free consultation at your home. If you still want to speak to the police after consulting with Attorney Spring, he will go with you to the police station and be present during your interview. If the police become aggressive or if you begin to provide information that might incriminate you, Attorney Spring will immediately end the interrogation.

Attorney Spring has handled a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor property and public peace crimes, including:

Theft and fraud offenses

Burglary and trespassing offenses

Damage to property

Public peace

While Attorney Spring’s goal is to get charges dismissed prior to trial by exploiting weaknesses in the Commonwealth’s case, he prepares every case as if it will go to trial. Attorney Spring has tried hundreds of cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He also represents clients at post-conviction restitution hearings to challenge the Commonwealth’s figures and ensure that restitution orders are supported by the evidence. Attorney Spring accepts cases from every city and town in Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Worcester, and Norfolk Counties.

See examples of the firm’s Success Stories with public peace and property crimes.

Client Reviews
I hit a guy on a bike after I took Oxycontin that was prescribed by a doctor. We went to trial and I was found not guilty of operating under the influence of drugs. Because of Chris I was able to get my license back right away. Grace
The police beat me up and charged me with resisting arrest. I have a long criminal record. Mr. Spring took me to trial and the jury found me not guilty. Mr. Spring showed the cops were lying. Christian
I had a fender bender with a cop car during bad weather and the police charged me with negligent driving. Chris was my lawyer and I was found not guilty by the jury. Dylan
The cops said I tried to hit them with my car. Chris got a surveillance video that showed they were lying. The jury said I was not guilty. John
I was stopped for a DWI and I failed all the field tests. Chris explained to the jury why I failed the field tests and I was found not guilty. Justin