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Computer Cellphone Social Media Crimes

Massachusetts Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer

The law struggles to keep pace with advances in technology. In many cases, outdated laws are applied to modern activities that neither the perpetrators nor the victims perceive as crimes. This is especially true in an era of smart phones, social media and constant Internet connectivity.

Attorney Chris Spring has seen a spike in people charged with computer, phone and electronic crimes. He has defended teenagers, college students and adults in a number of cases alleging everything from cyberstalking to distributing pornography to issuing threats on Facebook. Although the allegations are sometimes preposterous, the consequences are deadly serious.

Sexting, Online Harassment and Electronic Crimes

If you have been questioned or arrested, or if your son or daughter faces criminal charges, contact Attorney Spring immediately to arrange a free consultation at your home. Attorney Spring accepts cases from every city and town in Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk Counties.

The Dangers of Sexting

Sexting — sending nude photos or sexually explicit video of oneself via cellphone — is rampant among teenagers. They may not think twice about text messaging erotic images or sexually charged banter.

However, when the subject of the photos or a participant in the conversation is underage, Massachusetts and federal law see it differently. Increasingly, youths and young adults are facing child pornography charges. Sexting can be charged as distribution of child pornography, a very serious felony. A teenager who has a naked picture of a significant other on his or her phone can be charged with possession of child pornography. Either of these offenses can carry jail time and defendants convicted of these charges are required to register as sex offenders.

Attorney Spring represents a growing number of people charged with pornography crimes under these scenarios. As a former prosecutor, Chris Spring can sometimes work with the Commonwealth to have the case dismissed or the charges reduced. Attorney Spring has lectured at Massachusetts schools and educated students about the criminal liability that can result from sexting.

Cyberspace and Electronic Crimes

One person’s free speech or chat room come-on is another person’s hate crime or harassment. Personal privacy has a different meaning in the age of Facebook profiles and anonymous postings. The lines are blurred and the law is unsettled. Attorney Spring can advise and represent anyone facing criminal allegations related to electronic communications:

Given the serious consequences that can result from a conviction for computer-related crimes, you should hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney who has experience in litigating these types of cases. Attorney Chris Spring prosecuted these cases earlier in his career when he served as an assistant district attorney and since becoming a defense attorney, he has successfully defended individuals charged with computer-related crimes. Having tried more than 150 cases before Massachusetts juries in both district and superior court, Attorney Spring has the necessary experience to guide you through the criminal justice system and present your side of the story to a jury.

It is always dangerous to speak to the police before first consulting with a criminal defense attorney. While you may believe that you are not providing the police with harmful information, your statement could end up incriminating you at trial. Contact Attorney Spring immediately to schedule a free consultation at your home if the police are trying to speak to you.

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